Thursday, June 6, 2013

Busy, broke and big!

Hello! Thank you for coming to visit-I am a bit new to the blogging thing, so figure my best bet is an intro. And the title of this one pretty much says it all. First of all, I keep myself busy-too busy if you ask my family. I have a husband, 2 daughters (one in elementary school), a son (also elementary school), a grandson, 5 dogs and currently 5 rabbits. There is also a filly and goat, but those are in residence elsewhere. I compete with the dogs when I can find the time, and my intentions with the rabbits are to breed/show meat rabbits-my preference is to feed as naturally as possible with what I have to work with. So in addition to the vertebrates in my life, I have a pretty decent garden going on.

So that is just my "at home" version. I attend Oakland University as a full time student-Biology major, and planning to enter graduate school for molecular/cellular biology. I work part time, and have a burgeoning business creating accessories for the pet industry-things like crate covers, dog beds, toys and utility type items for working and competition dogs. (You will find out more about that in a future blog, I am sure!)

As you can imagine, I am an advocate for animals of all sorts and for science-based thinking-be it in medicine, personal care, technology and pet care. I am also rather outspoken when it comes to thinking that can drastically affect the health and well-being of my loved ones, and people in general. So you can expect some possibly controversial subject matter, though I generally write that under my other blog, The Barefoot Skeptic (

So that pretty much covers the busy part-broke is somewhat self explanatory. At least from a financial standpoint-lots going out, little coming in. Hopefully that will be changing with my new ventures, as well as my hubby's photography business. He is actually pretty darn amazing! (Shameless plug-check him out at The other part of broke is physical. I have a couple of bizarro conditions that tend to make things a little difficult at times. One is called Ulnar Impaction Syndrome. Essentially my ulna (bone) in my left arm is slightly too long, so it grinds on the wrist bones. I feel it when I am really active-hurts like crazy-but fortunately I am a righty, so can get by most of the time. The other condition is called Dysautonomia. That one makes life a tad bit harder as I occasionally pass out, but more often just get extremely dizzy, light-headed and nauseous. On bad days I am exhausted, have limited motor control and find it difficult to function. On good days I am just like any other mom-running around, exhausted and uber-busy!

That leaves big. Not insanely big (not knocking anyone else-this is all about me right now!) but far heavier than I would like to be. I am about 5'6" and weigh around 190lbs. I would like to weigh around 140-145, but would definitely be pretty happy if I could get back down to 160! You would think being this busy I would lose weight-but when you grab what's quick as often as I do.......well, let's just say ice cream is pretty quick. Oh, so is Biggby coffee-that is my guilty pleasure and only true addiction.

My blogs are going to initially start with addressing the "big" concern. I am looking at how I can fit in workouts-for myself and my dogs-and utilize what is on hand. You see, the "broke" aspect is quite limiting for running out to the gym. Being a student helps, as there is a great facility on campus. But pride goeth before a fall so 42 and overweight makes it pretty uncomfortable to hang in the workout room with all the 20-something athletes, and the idea of putting on a suit and doing laps in the pool? Yeah....right.

So I look forward to figuring out how to make it all work-and who knows, maybe I can help someone else sort through some of the same issues. And save someone else the trouble of trial-and-error.


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